If you are experiencing Apple store outage then you must want to know that the problem is only with you or other people are also experiencing the same Apple store down problem. Most user reported problems includes sign in issues, password issues and sometime total outage. In case of total outages, you have to wait couple of hours until the problem is fixed.

App store down

Apple is an American multinational technology company. It is headquartered in California, USA. The outage problem can also be in a specific country. Like people of USA are using online facilities of Apple store whereas people of UK are facing outages.

You can see the outages reports (graph) above which will identify that the issue is only with you or with all people. You can also check from which area people are reporting the most from Historical Outage map. If you have ensured that there is no Apple store outage then you can refresh the Apple store site or check for your internet connection.

Apple store Down and Outage: Live Status &  Historical Outage Map Report for 20th of June 2017

Is Apple store Down and Outage & down today & you are facing browsing issues , see the live outage reports OR submit a report below.

Apple store Twitter Reports

Megan Swanson MegSwanson11
2 visits to the Apple Store and 4 customer service calls later I finally have a new phone that hopefully won t shut down at random
my 5 rings define me steelyourglobe
Some lady next to me at the Apple Store just said that someone in her family had a picture go viral of them getting patted down by TSA
Young 50 youngfifty67
EBT CARD OUTAGE 12 Days of No Food Stamps amp Counting Could Spark Nationwide Riots
Homo Cyberius 🌐 HomoCyberius
RT TabithaLipkin Me not owning stamps because I m a millennial Gma I wish I could blame problems on being a millennial Me You blame
Tabitha Lipkin TabithaLipkin
Me not owning stamps because I m a millennial Gma I wish I could blame problems on being a millennial Me You blame them ON millennials
Jay Are FawnyDew1
FoxNews ScottWalker If an ID is needed for food-stamps amp welfare programs people don t have problems getting IDs for this free stuff
The Problems Isn t Food Stamps -It s Obama s 8Billion cut to SNAP WIC TANF that benefits the banks every time the EBT card is swiped
Hobbs Hawaiian_Hobbit
The Problem Isn t Food Stamps Bias educational system not enough work for the populous corporatism amp free trade problems of America
Mr Jeffery Stone MrJefferyStone
The Problem Isn t Food Stamps if Politicians solved poverty why would we need them Never ending politician created problems
Michael New Michael_J_New
Food Stamps are not the solution to our problems Food Stamps are the Problem
The Problem Isn t Food Stamps Politicians and others have had many years to sojve the problems of the poor Let s get working on it
Michael michael_ottley
realDonaldTrump Mr President this is an outage to cut Medicaid Food Stamps Snap to those most in need which most voted for you idk why