Many people report daily about BBC iplayer down problem. If you are one of those then you must be thinking that the problem is only with me or with everybody. Let me tell you that simply check out the out the outage report graph to identify where is the problem. You can not only do these actions but also report if you are having the problem with website or other facilities.

BBC iplayer down

BBC iPlayer is an internet streaming, catchup, television and radio service from the UK’s BBC. The service is available on a wide range of devices including mobile phones and tablets, personal computers, and smart televisions. Just download the app to enjoy the facilities.

The outage problem can be in a specific area. Consider people of UK are having outage problem while others are enjoying BBC iplayer facilities. This is indeed not great for everyone in UK. So check out in which area the outage is from outage report graph. This will enable you to see the reports of people along with their location.

BBC iplayer Down & Outage: Live Status &  Historical Outage Map Report for 20th of June 2017

Is BBC iplayer Down & Outage & down today & you are facing browsing issues , see the live outage reports OR submit a report below.

BBC iplayer Twitter Reports

Paul Johnstone Ⓥ RipperRoo90
STV player is TERRIBLE Keeps freezing and I have to refresh all the time Having no problems watching WorldCup on BBC iplayer
Alesis Oberhiem_Matrix
Egypt s Lost Queens via bbciplayer This was excellent Joann Fletcher MUST love a pie and a pint Down to earth
Thomas Niblock BBC thomasniblock
For those interested appreciate Armagh supporters prob won t OfficialDownGAA v Armagh program now on BBCiPlayer
BBC iPlayer BBCiPlayer
SarahCapewell Hi Sarah sorry to hear you re having problems watching BBC iPlayer Can you let us know what device you re using
BBC iPlayer BBCiPlayer
Cassious Hi Cass sorry you re having some problems with BBC iPlayer tonight Can you let us know what device you re using
Nicky Jayia Nicky_Jayia
BBCiPlayer No that hasn t helped Everything else is working absolutely fine on both devices I m only having problems with bbc iPlayer
flo jack flojack300
bbc board ruled this misrepresentation and slapped bbclaurak - not taken down from iPlayer and now bbcdp report
Zac Efron UK ZacharyEEfron
DylanEfronFanGE If you live in the then down load the BBC iPlayer app If you don t then go onto the the BBC
P͠E͠P͠P͠E͠R͠ eat_the_rude_
RT BBCiPlayer Never try to stare down RyanGosling He doesn t blink Literally 33 seconds of not blinking Ryan
Lee Hunter LeoCeltic
Only just caught up with the Lisbon Lions programme on BBC iPlayer Sitting here with tears of joy down my face
Simone balduinisimon4
RT TeletubbiesHQ Celebrating 20 yrs of BIG HUGS with NEW Teletubbies episodes Sliding Down on CBeebiesHQ at 7am or BBCiPlayer https
BBC iPlayer BBCiPlayer
artifartblast 2 2 Also steps from this guide can help with playback problems with BBC iPlayer Radio
BBC iPlayer BBCiPlayer
bratby81 Hi there sorry you re having problems with BBC iPlayer Can you let us know what device you re using
DennisThynne DennisThynne
I m pleased I m catching up on BBC iPlayer tonight no problems viewing at all Well done BBC bad work ITV