Are you Having O2 Network problem today then there could be reason for it. One of them are Hit issues or sometimes O2 network complete outage. Because of the reason the server of O2 is down. A question may arise in your mind that the problem is only with you or everybody. You check it from outage reports graph given. Don’t worry because O2 outage is not regular because O2 spends Millions of Pounds to make its network better and faster.

O2 network problem

O2 is Telefónica British Telecommunications Service provider. It is owned by Spanish Multinational Telefónica. It Headquarter Is located in Slough England. There are many services provided by O2 which includes high speed internet and shop which includes latest versions of smart phones, Tab, MacBook’s and much more.

If you feel that the O2 network problem is in a certain Area then you can Check it from Historical Outage map. When you open, you will be able to see the outages report of people along with their locations. If you feel that the problem is only with you then you have wait for couple of hours or call on customer Service for more help.

O2 Network Problem & Outage: Live Status &  Historical Outage Map Report for 20th of June 2017

Is O2 Network Problem & Outage & down today & you are facing browsing issues , see the live outage reports OR submit a report below.

O2 Twitter Report

Kathryn Tyler kathryntylerDM
O2 I ve moved 10 mins down the road in East London and now have slower mobile coverage than when I was in Croatia last week WTF
Simone Hancox simonehancox
O2 It s such a shame as I ve been with o2 for a very long time and have always sung your praises re customer care Feeling very let down
Lager 157 lager157
Seven days and counting down Den h r modellen heter O2 och kommer i storlekarna 36-45 En supersk n dojja
Clair Boyde clairbeedhambar
toothfairyrdn I called O2 40mins on house phone to be told they don t know how long it will be down
ColesCables ColesCables
Jimmy Bennett23 Atiksh Singh EE O2 yeah maybe its just Brighton as they have taken a mask down stupidly i strug
Tweetwati BlueEyedBong
Public tweet since you won t give me any solution over DM I ve never heard of any telecom service who have an outage going for a week O2
Angela Paull angep1969
anderkinsfamily MumsnetBloggers NSPCC O2 ShareAware yes What on earth is all that about When you come down
Amy Wakeham AmyWakeham
O2 not sure what kind of customer service you think you give but it s down right bloody appalling
O2 We ll let s see If I had a problem accessing 4G on your network How would you get the problem sorted
BybrookEvents Ltd BybrookEvents
It s all systems go this week with a lorry and 2 vans off down to London o2 arena to build a marquee for a gaming event Busy busy busy