USPS down issues are not more often but if you are one of those who are facing USPS website outage. They must here to figure out what really is the problem. There could be several reasons of USPS down, one of those are server problem, hit issues and login issues. In these cases, you must have to wait couple of hours. You can also report about your outage here. You can also check the outage report graph to identify that the problem is only with you or with everybody.

USPS down

USPS is abbreviated as United States Postal service. Which is basically independent Agency of United States Federal Government? It is responsible for providing postal service in United States of America. It Headquarter is located in Washington, America. Sometime the problem is in a specific area. Consider people of Canada are using USPS services whereas people of UK are facing outage.

You can easily check in which area the outage is from historical outage map. Once you have opened historical map, you can easily see the reports of people along with their location. If the problem is only with you then simply call on customer service.

USPS Down and Outage: Live Status &  Historical Outage Map Report for 20th of June 2017

Is USPS Down and Outage & down today & you are facing browsing issues , see the live outage reports OR submit a report below.

USPS Twitter Reports

cbferry1860 cbferry1860
USPS I got enough problems seeing what s in my mailbox when I take the mail out a my mailbox And ever notice ho
Jeremy Smola jeremysmola
USPS The option to schedule a pickup through the USPS website is down Any estimate as to when this will be resolved Thank you in advance
Precious Yoshino SakuraLance
I will add that despite problems such as this my experience is that the USPS does manage to eventually get everything where it has to go
Maria Florio luna12780
RT reblingc A5 W increased data analytics USPS can quickly diagnose resolve network problems before they cause system failure powerof
Gary Reblin reblingc
A5 W increased data analytics USPS can quickly diagnose resolve network problems before they cause system failure powerofprecision
davesailer davesailer
USPS Even when I specifically state I m deaf and abroad now they say if I have problems just call or just drop by sometime USPStupid
fragolinamoda fragolinamoda
still really bummed that usps Chicago seems utterly uninterested in finding my TheNickBox I was counting down the days for arrival
Justin Grant Baruch669
First World Problems complained about amazon pawning USPS off on me then get an email about a delivery delay Shocking Surprise
Public Hermit ProfessorBerman
Thanks USPS for closing down two locations in my neighborhood I am now getting bonuscardio powerwalking to ups cc d BowieStyleFete
Jacob Marek anonymosnuke
grazeusa just received a box from you dated april 5 is the product still likely safe to eat making sure USPS problems as usual here
Mitchy McConell MitchMcConell
RonPaul USPS has problems b c libertarian nuts like R Paul cut their insist they fund pensions in perpetuity